Rosemeade Market
& Greenhouse


Rosemeade gets it right

Fri, Sep 04, 2009
Kim Pierce / Reporter

When a reader alerted me to a new farmers-style market at Rosemeade Market and Greenhouse, I was dubious, although the concept of pairing a nursery and fresh produce isn't so far fetched. I had occasion to visit recently, and if you live in the area (Marsh-George Bush) but can't get to a regular farmers market, Rosemeade makes a good stop.

The overwhelming majority of the space is devoted to produce, and the owners make several treks weekly to the Dallas Farmers Market to bring in regional fruits and vegetables. We're cycling out of the season, but there were still East Texas sweet potatoes, okra, shelled peas - and Tennessee tomatoes, which J.T. Lemley is bringing in to the Dallas market until his fall crop matures. Rosemeade also carries other local products.

I was there to interview Florine Bowman, who makes American pastries, such as sweet rolls and scones, with a French touch. These are just like homemade.

Rosemeade is at 3646 Rosemeade Parkway; here the Web site: